Gift Aid Manager by Orchard Software. Gift aid and membership database for small to medium sized charities and organisations


Overview Membership Module

Additional features in the optional Membership module include:

  • Separate member name and address fields so that the member and donor can be different. For example, the member could be a family and the donor could be either the husband or wife.
  • Generation of member subscriptions due, which are updated to donation records for gift aid reclaim, where appropriate.
  • Import subscriptions received and auto match them to members and subscriptions due.
  • User definable fields allow you to customize the system to match your organisations requirements.
  • Record of volunteer information.
  • Members record of attendance.
  • Subscription details can be exported to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis*


Microsoft Office Requirements

* Microsoft Excel 2016 required to use this feature

** Microsoft Word 2016 required to use this feature

*** Microsoft Access 2016 required to use this feature