Gift Aid Manager by Orchard Software. Gift aid and membership database for small to medium sized charities and organisations


Product History

Gift Aid Manager was first launched in August 2000 for recording gift aid donations and making repayment claims. In 2002, an additional membership module was added at the request of several users, which extended the functionality of the program to become a membership database.

Version 3.3 was launched in 2007 which upgraded the program to run in Microsoft Access®2007 and reflected the changes made by HM Revenue & Customs to Gift Aid claim periods and forms.

Version 3.4 was released in June 2008 following the introduction of Transitional Relief.

Version 4.0 was released in June 2011 with several new features and the latest gift aid claim form.

Version 5.0 was released in April 2013 following the introduction of online gift aid claims and the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme.

Version 5.2 was released in April 2015 to incorporate changes made by HMRC to online gift aid claims plus a postcode validation feature to improve the claim submission process.

Version 5.3 was released in May 2016 with several enhancements.

Version 5.4 was released in October 2017 to reflect changes to the HMRC Government Gateway plus a function to delete old data, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

There are currently several hundred users of the software ranging from small organisations to national charities. Users include churches, cathedrals, scout and guide groups, health organisations, animal welfare charities, museums, educational establishments, counselling centres, housing associations etc.