• MemberDetails

    The Member Details screen records the member’s information, donor information (if different), gift aid declaration details and a record of subscriptions and donations.
  • RegularDonations

    Donations can be entered using the Add Donations, Regular Donations or Donation import screens. Donations that have not yet been reclaimed for tax, can be edited using the Edit Donations screen. Certain fields of claimed donations can also be edited.
  • Claim

    To make a repayment claim, simply select the date range you require and the program will select all the donations that are eligible for a tax refund and calculate the tax amounts. Claims can also include a top-up payment under the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme and tax paid on other income. You can print a Repayment Claim report before confirming the claim to check that everything is OK. When you confirm the claim it can be submitted directly to HMRC via the Government Gateway.
  • ClaimHistory

    A full claims history is stored and reports can be reprinted and exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Subscription

    Subscriptions can be generated according to the membership category and subscription frequency (i.e. annual, monthly etc.). Subscriptions received are recorded and updated to the donation records for gift aid repayment claim purposes, where appropriate. Subscriptions can be analysed as a single donation or optionally the amount can be split into two and the amounts analysed differently or split between gift aid and non-gift aid.
  • Statement

    The range of reports available includes Donor Statements that can be produced for whatever date range you require.
  • excel

    Subscription and donation details can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for a selected date and member/ donor range. This can be used to carry out whatever further analysis you require.